A security task force made up of the police and military has been formed in the Sene district of the Brong-Ahafo Region to help clamp down on armed robbery.

Mrs. Cynthia Titiriku-Danso, District Chief Executive (DCE), who disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Kwame-Danso, asked traders and travellers not to entertain any fears in coming to the district to transact businesses.

Mrs. Titiriku-Danso said the assembly is ready and committed to motivating the security agencies in the district to enable them to work hard to promote a peaceful co-existence and free movement without hindrance.

She expressed the optimism that the task force would discharge its duties to expectation and appealed to the people in the district to report persons with questionable characters to the police stations at Basa, Kwame-Danso and Kojokrom.

The DCE cautioned opinion leaders of the Fulani community to be cautious of the people they welcome to their areas.

Barely two weeks ago, a group of armed robbers believed to be Fulani herdsmen stormed the district and attacked traders at Kwame-Danso and the Kajaji market.

During the robbery, three people sustained various degrees of cutlass and gunshots wounds, whilst the robbers made away with several millions of cedis.

One of the robbers apprehended revealed that his colleagues, mainly Fulani herdsmen, were residents of Yeji in the Pru district of the region.

Source: GNA


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