Sunset of a Legal Colossus

Sunset of a Legal Colossus
Source: Ghana News |
Date: 02-08-2016 Time: 08:08:55:pm

Torgbui Dzelu IV (Dufia of Dzelukofe), The Judicial Services of Ghana and

Cameroon,The Jones-Mensah Kesedovo and allied families of Keta, and The

Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, announce with deep sorrow the death of their




Pre-Burial Service: Friday 5 th August, 2016 @ 9:AM

VENUE: State House, Accra

Burial and Final Funeral Rites: Saturday 6 th August, 2016 @ 9AM

VENUE: Dzelukope, Keta


CHILDREN: Victor Ndip Mensah, Mrs. Beatrice Mensah Tayui (CEO – Cybele Energy),

Gwendolyn Jones- Mensah, Lawyer Penelope Mawulolo Jones- Mensah (Jones- Mensah & Co.),

Edwin Kojo Jones- Mensah, Mrs. Evita Jones- Mensah Abiloye, Torshie Jones- Mensah,

Emmanuel Kojo Jones- Mensah , David Kobla Jones- Mensah.

He was the uncle of Hon. Sylvester- Mensah- Office of the President



The Nkwanyuo , Kanyi Tometi and Lifaka families of Cameroon, The Adadevoh , Deku,

Tettevi, Dekutsey, Dovlo, Dzogbla, Dorkenu, Afeke, Adadae, Kordorwu, Goyetu, Gbedemah,

Akuaku, Tsikata, Amekudzi, Senaya, Mamatah, Demanya families.

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