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Date: 18-05-2017 Time: 01:05:54:pm

Candle in the wind
Togbi Lagbo Kofa III (Anloga, Head of Lagbo Kofa family and Head of the Amlade Clan of Anlo), Togbi Agbesi Awusu III (Awadada of Anlo), Togbi Tsiflo Kofa III (Fiaxor), Togbi Goka III (Anloga), Togbi Zewu IV (Anloga), , Togbi Patamia IV (Srogboe), Togbi Samlafo III (Woe), Togbi Ableda V (Tanyigbe Etoe Sosoeme), Mama Monyuie Wui II (Queen mother of Sogakope), Mad. Abla Amewota Amable, Amega Clement Besavi Tsidi (Anloga), Amega Cosmos Mawuko Manyo (Anloga), Amega Vincent Adzinku (Anloga), Amega Francis Kwaku Amekporfor Accra), Amega J.N.K. Fianu, Mad. Comfort Wormenu Amekporfor (Anloga), Mrs. Vincentia Atsufi Bedzra-Ahadzi; Rev. Tse Amable, Rev. Ruby Nusienyo Amable; the Bedzra-Amable, Hushie, Gborgblenu & allied families home and abroad, the Amekporfor-Adzei, Dzogbleame, Aflakpui, Tekpor and Adzorhloe families of Anyako & abroad, the Rev Minister and Session of E.P. Church, Ghana, Anloga, announce with deep sorrow the call to eternity of our beloved

Age: 75 yrs
which sad event occurred on Friday, March 31st, 2017, at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra.

Brief viewing of body at his residence at Dansoman Opetekwei from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. on Friday, 26th May, 2017 and thence to Anloga.
FAMILY GATHERING: (No wake-keeping) Friday, 26th May, 2017 at the Kpofianu Amable House, Fiato –Tagba, Anloga from 7.00 p.m. to 12.00 midnight.
BURIAL SERVICE: Saturday, 27th May, 2017, at the above premises, from 9.00 a.m – 12.00 p.m. Burial follows thereafter.

Funeral rites follow immediately after interment, at the fore-courts of Togbi Sri old Hse and Kpofianu Amable House.

MEMORIAL &THANKSGIVING SERVICE: on Sunday 28th May, 2017, at the Bethel E.P. Church, Anloga at 9.00 a.m.
FINAL FUNERAL RITES: After the thanksgiving service at the Kpofianu House.
PARENTS: Dumega Aaron Kwami Amewota Amable and Faustina Yaworfi Amekporfor (both deceased).
WIDOWS: Mad. Emily Manavi Tagbor (Accra) and Mad. Amelia Gati (Accra)
CHILDREN: Albert Kwaku (Tana) Amable, Pastor Michael Yao Amable, Frieda Yayra Amable, Worlali Kwasi Amable, Mawusi Amable, Ben Kobla Amable, Wisdom Nani Amable, Mrs. Josephine Kplormdedie Anyigba.
SIBLINGS: Abla Amewota Amable, Togbi Lagbo Kofa III (aka Dr. J.K. Amable), Jane Amiga Amable, Mrs. Ellen Alaba Ashiagbor, Benjamin Besa Amable, Felix Kwesi Amable, Gershon Kofi Amable, Fred Atsu Amable (Major), Rev. Tse Amable, Paul Kwasi Amable.

Togbi Lagbo Kofa III of Anloga, Rev F.M. Lawluvi, Rev. Peter T. Sefogah, Togbi Kove, Mr. Leo Atsu Tettey, Amega Gasu Agbedzi, Hornoe Matsakawo, Mr. Menson Torkornoo, Godwin Afetormashi Bedzra, Margaret Mamaga Togobo, Dr. Dick Husunukpe Dekonor, Oyemam Husunukpe Dekonor, Dr Isaiah Yao Fiagbe, (for bros & sis), Kodzovi Saba Amenya (Woe), Mad. Janet Amekporfor, Patience Amekporfor, Dumega Christian Besa Ahiabor (Accra), Amega Nelson Sena Setsoafia, Wisdom Abotsi Fiadzeawu, Mad. Magaret Aflakpui (Accra), Amega Dan Aflakpui (Accra), Amega Besa Aflakpui (Accra),Amega Koku Agbetorwoka, Amega Bleyi Domee, Israel Tsegah (Accra), Amega Edward Kobla Tsegah (Accra), Amega Edgar Amelor (Accra), Mad. Victoria Glawu, Mr Xorse Jiagge, Jones Adzrah, Adzo Nusetor Ziorklui, , John Hockey Seglah (bros & sis), Willie Seglah (bros & sis), Stephen Amelor (bro & sis), Victor Akude, James Akude, Wotoe Kpedator, Major Vicentia Kpedator, Aku Kpedator, Adzovi Dafeamekpor, Japan Dafeamekpor, Christian Dafeamekpor, Hope Kofi Ashiade, Harry Nyaledzigbor

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