Sex during pregnancy can lead to bleeding

Sexual activities during pregnancy can lead to bleeding in pregnant women if their placenta is located very low in their abdomen, the Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at Ridge Hospital, Dr. Emmanuel Srofenyo has said.

This can gradually lead to miscarriage or lost of life if an immediate report is not made to the doctor for treatment.

According to him, this mostly happens when the placenta of a pregnant woman falls very low in her abdomen and she engages herself in sexual activities.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Ultimate Health Programme, Mr Srofenyo said the placenta, during pregnancy, is supposed to be at the higher part of the abdomen, but when it falls very low in the abdomen, it becomes unsafe for the pregnant woman to engage in sexual activities since it can lead to bleeding.

Dr Srofenyo noted that some of the bleeding cases that occur in pregnant women are as a result of pills or drugs taken to get rid of pregnancies.

Usually, he said, when a pregnant woman bleeds, she becomes the sufferer rather than her baby because it is her blood that spills.

He however advised that pregnant women should report to the nearest health centre for treatment at any sign of bleeding whether the pregnancy has started showing or not to avoid any future complications.

Madam Rose Akwaku, Deputy Director of Nursing Services at Ridge Hospital, explaining bleeding during pregnancy said it is abnormal and that immediate check-up should be conducted at the hospital at the slightest sign of bleeding.

She said bleeding pregnant women are not allowed to queue since their condition is an emergency which needs immediate attention.

She said health personnel are ready to help pregnant women and urged them to open up when speaking about their problems to health personnel to make treatment and life saving easy.

By: Benedicta Anane/