One of Ghana’s most vibrant and versatile female musicians, Sherifa Gunu, is set to record the final song on her yet to be released album with R&B super star, Craig David come December.

Sherifa confirmed this in an interview with Wednesday, saying that “Craig David is my fan and I heard he has been listening to my songs and also watches my videos. I have almost finished my album and we hope to finish recording the song by December to complete the album.”

The song she said has no title yet but revealed that it will be themed around African unity.

Sherifa disclosed that the recording deal was brokered by her manager, Patrick Nelson who is based in the UK.

She also added that due to her love for African beats, the beat for the song is being produced here in Ghana. “We are producing the beat here in Ghana because I want the African flavour,” she said.

Craig David will record his part in the UK while she does hers here in Ghana, Sherifa told

The song with Craig David will be on her yet to be released 12-track album, Yomyataba (Unity) which features fresh artistes like Micheal Adangba, David and Punani. The album will be released this December in Accra and Temale.

Sherifa is hopeful the multi-award winning UK R&B star, who has five albums and a compilation to his credit, will be able to come to Ghana later for the video shoot of the song.

Sherifa has an album, Laari, released in 2005 to her credit.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/