Online dating or social discovery platforms (like is simply an instrument God can use to join two single Christians together. What can be wrong with a sister, brother, friend, neighbour who met his or her spouse online and is enjoying a healthy, happy marriage?

The Holy Bible does not make any direct or indirect reference to dating services. In actual fact, the Bible does not indicate the process Christians should use in searching for potential soul partners, or whichever method Christians should during dating or courtship.  

The reason is that, during the biblical times, online dating or social discovery platforms for singles (such as did not exist in the same form as it is presently.

During the biblical era, families assisted young men and women to meet and get engaged. They even  sometimes chose their children’s friends for them. We can take a look at the story of Isaac and Rebekah and how God brought them together (Genesis 24). It was independently planned and controlled by God.

Today, most single Ghanaians are left on their own to locate a spouse. Several other single Christian Ghanaians do not bother to look for a spouse, but strongly believe God will bring that special person to them.

Some other single Christians are feverishly engaging in all forms of activities and events which will help them find partners.

According to the Holy Bible, God perfectly loves every one (Ephesians 3:181 John 3:16-18) and perfectly controls every situation on earth (Psalm 109:21Romans 8:38-39).

For this reason, every Christian can be sure that God will most likely bring the right man or woman into their path, eventually at a certain point in time. God on his own will use choices of singles and other people including modern technology to bring about marriages.

As in all decisions, Christians are required to consult God for direction (“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6).

For instance, assuming a 30-year-old single Christian has most of his/her friends already married, it can be difficult to meet another single Christian Ghanaian man and woman. In this case, the single Christian will be left with the option of looking for a partner in church, through friends, family, workplace or at an event.

This scenario can be very limiting, since the exposure is constrained to the number of people in a city or nature of their activities. Therefore, it may be wise for a single Christian to consider modern methods of finding a spouse, like

In summary, a single Ghanaian Christian should view the use of online dating platform as another avenue (just like church, a wedding, workplace, shopping, etc) to find a partner.

But before beginning online dating site, it is important to commit such engagement into God’s hands and believe He will direct the finding of a like-minded spouse online.

The Holy Bible states that Christians should seek God and He will fulfil your desires (Psalm 103:5Romans 12:2) in His perfect way and His perfect time (Romans 5:6Romans 8:26-27). 

The biblical issue will forever not be how you meet, but whom you marry (1 Corinthians 7:39) and how you two lived as Christians. The most important question a single Christian needs to ask is, are they mature enough to be an admirable spouse?