Vice-Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba, Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni has charged university students to show good example in the fight against Covid-19 by wearing their facemasks and sticking to the safety protocols.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, Covid-19 could be subdued if students who have been blessed with knowledge would lead the way in terms of education and adherence to the protocols.

Speaking at the matriculation ceremony of the University’s distance education and e-learning students, the Vice Chancellor appealed to the students to be wary of the fierce nature of the emerging Covid-19 waves and be ambassadors against the fight to reduce its spread.

Prof Afful-Broni said adherence to the Covid-19 protocols would be achieved if the educated people showed the way by sticking to the directives outlined by the President and the Ghana Health Service.

He said, the virus was still on a prowl and might cause incalculable havoc if deliberate efforts are not put in place to reduce its spread.

“As people imbued with knowledge, you have to wear your masks and observe the protocols. You need to carry the campaign on your shoulders and help others to adhere to the protocols. In that way, we could reduce the spread of the virus,” he stated.

The UEW Vice-Chancellor stressed that the third wave appears to be dangerous and the earlier Ghanaians clung to the protocols, the safer the country would be.

The University of Education, Winneba, signed an MoU with Kingdoms Books Company Limited to provide book services to the university community.

CEO of Kingdom Books, Alfred Gyaatin said, the organization would want to improve the reading culture in the country by making more people develop interest in reading.

Altogether, a total of 10515 students were admitted to study under the College’s Distance and e-learning mode.

Out of that number, 4656 were males while 5859 were females. The high numbers in the female intake, the university said shows how the females are showing so much interest in their quest to upgrade themselves.

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