Sodomy in monogamy: Should you try the backdoor?

Some women find it pleasurable, extremely and absolutely incredible. A sensation immeasurably different from anything ever experienced. On the other hand, those who have tried it but have not enjoyed it say it is a woefully painful thing to experience.

Anal sex, otherwise known as anal intercourse, is thought to be widely accepted by men but for many women, they are compelled to indulge their partners just to ensure they keep their relationship.

A thread I read on the subject revealed that handled properly, it is possible for a woman to enjoy anal sex even if she does not want it altogether or would only submit to doing it just to keep her man.

What does it involve?
Implausibly, anal intercourse involves the licking of the anus, inserting one’s finger(s) into the anus, stimulating the clitoris, penetrating and hitting the right spots.

Just what is the right way?
It is popularly counseled that before having anal sex, a woman should be relaxed and feel comfortable about the act while both partners get properly lubricated. The man should take his time [go slow] and respect his partner’s limits.

And the Taboos?
Anal sex is such a taboo topic that many people would normally not talk about it openly, especially in our own society where things like these are rudely frowned upon and most share the view that it is mainly practised by gays – not losing sight of the fact that homosexuality and lesbianism is a very controversial and intolerable subject in the land.

The reality though is that many heterosexual couples engage in the act but find it difficult or awkward to discuss. According to the New York Times, “Anal sex is increasingly popular in the hetero world.”

Why people have anal sex
From the hundreds of experiences I have read about, some women find anal intercourse much pleasurable because they experience better penetration. “The rectum, once it’s ready, literally swallows the penis up and can’t get enough. The back passage transforms itself into a sexual playground. If the clitoris and/or vagina are stimulated while [a man] is inside of [a woman], it can take her to another sexual realm,” says

There is also abundant nerve endings in the anal region and rectum which makes anal sex pleasurable, researchers say, but maintain that women achieve orgasm only through clitoral stimulation.

The free encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, also suggests a physiological explanation for why some women may enjoy anal stimulation. It says the clitoris has “legs” which extends along the vaginal lips and back to the anus.

Unlike the vagina, the rectum does not produce lubrication naturally. Therefore, sex through the backdoor will tear your rectal wall/tissue or sphincter. Fecal material and bacteria can also be transmitted into the vagina if a man enters you through the vagina right after penetrating your behind.

A 2004 study by the American Cancer Society showed that women practicing anal sex had more than double the risk of developing anal cancer, possibly due to increased risk of exposure to the human papilloma virus and the risk of HIV transmission among others.

So ladies, will you succumb to pressure from your men to go through the backdoor? Well, at least you are now aware what risks you run, and the choice is all yours. Will you do it?

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