The just-ended 2021 Special Edition of the Macfrut Expo was a big success, according to some participants and industry experts.

As expected, thousands of people participated both in-person and online as exhibitors, buyers, policy makers and industry experts.

The Italian Trade Agency in Ghana, dedicated to strengthening the economic and trade relationship between Italy and Ghana, proposed to get companies and individuals in Ghana to participate in what was expected to be a life-changing experience.

True to their intentions, many companies and exhibitors from Ghana participated in the fair and had many exciting experiences.

Special edition of Macfrut Expo 2021 ends

Some of the local companies that benefited from this year’s Macfrut include Ohu Farms, HPW Fresh and Dry GH Ltd, Maphlix Trust GH Ltd and 3E Farms and Foods Ltd.

They testify about how much exposure and collaboration they’ve had about access to equipment and machinery and a broader market for their produce.

The excellent and enviable bilateral relations between Ghana and Italy is a testament to our shared and individual dedication towards growth and national development. 

Special edition of Macfrut Expo 2021 ends

Macfrut enables farmers, manufacturers, equipment makers, and others within the agricultural space to share and exchange ideas, collaborate on business and build successful business partnerships.

It is hoped that building on the successes of this year’s expo; successive exhibitions will witness more participation from Ghanaian individuals and businesses.

Through the Italian Trade Agency, the Italian government is dedicated to supporting the private sector and boosting economic and trade cooperation.

Special edition of Macfrut Expo 2021 ends

Together with the Italian Export Credit Agency – SACE, they have opened an office in Accra, located within the premises of the Italian Embassy.

These entities closely collaborate with Ghanaian institutions to promote business and investment opportunities to assess common priorities and carry out joint activities.

These efforts contribute to generate wealth, stimulate and support growth.

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