Civil Society Group, OccupyGhana has asked the Lands Commission to provide a date on which their request on June 2, for information on all released lands by the Commission could be received.

In a letter dated June 21 addressed to the Ag. Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission, OccupyGhana, indicated doubts necessitated the letter that the Commission will grant its request.

“We are also compelled to ask that you affirm that you are indeed prepared to provide the information we require and, if so, to provide us with a date by which we should expect to receive the information,” a letter to the Lands Commission noted.

The Commission replied to the Group’s request on June 2 in a letter dated June 7, which observed that the letter by OccupyGhana was not signed by any person.

“Your letter did not reference any personality,” the Commission wrote.

The Commission, therefore, demanded that OccupyGhana provide the office “with particulars of the contact person for future deliberations.”

In response, OccupyGhana said it is a duly incorporated guarantee company with a legal personality, separate from its members or officers.

It provided the name of one of its directors to facilitate the request for the information.

In a letter to the Commission on Tuesday, June 21, the Group explained that the Commission’s response on June 15 did not highlight its request for the information on all released lands.

“We are therefore not certain whether the “appropriate measures” that you are putting in place relates to the issue of who our contact person is, or the demand that we made in our June 2, 2022 letter. We would therefore be glad if you could clarify this,” portions of the letter read.