Deputy Managing Director in charge of Finance and Administration at the Intercity STC Coaches Limited, Nana Adwubi Amponsah Nortey says speed limiters on buses are one of the effective ways of reducing road crashes.

She says all buses owned by STC have speed limiters which do not allow drivers to go beyond 100kilometres per hour.

In an interview with JoyNews as part of a campaign dubbed ‘Arrive Alive’ to reduce the carnage on Ghana’s roads, she stated all STC drivers irrespective of their qualifications and experience go through at least one-month mandatory training at the company’s driving school.

These and many others she says have contributed to their success story of eliminating accidents involving STC buses

“If you go to our training school we have simulators and experienced trainers. Training is for about a month. We have the theory aspect and the physical road test. Even with that, you are attached to an experienced driver to do a few trips until our operations officer officially certifies you to be ion your own. Our busses also have speed governors, so you cannot go more than 100km/h even if you tried to. We have our ways in which you should drive. So if you come and you are not adaptable to change, to drive the way STC wants you to drive, unfortunately, we cannot employ you”, she said.

Mrs Amponsah Nortey however expressed her support for the #ArriveAllive campaign.

Deputy Head of Technical Services and Workshop administrator at the Intercity STC Coaches Limited, Jonathan Doku says their buses undergo routine checks after every trip.

He says that has also contributed to preventing crashes involving their buses.

“After every trip, the buses are supposed to go to the workshop and undergo some kind of routine checks to see whether certain challenges were encountered during the trip. Sometimes the drivers also report challenges so we work on them before they get back on the road”

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