Egypt stutter without Salah as header gives Uruguay headstart

Egypt stutter without Salah as header gives Uruguay headstart
Source: Ghana||Edwin Appiah|
Date: 15-06-2018 Time: 03:06:06:pm

The cameras rushed to capture the look on Salah's face as the Uruguayans rushed to the corner flag to celebrate their late goal.

His hanging head cut a look of disappointment as a man on whom rest the hope of Egypt was resting on the bench.

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The goal came on the stroke of full time - 90mins. Their defensive cup was full.

This was a locally assembled African side with a few cherries of European-based players against an elite Uruguayan team that attacked and attacked and attacked.

Egypt could not score without Salah but showed they could defend without him as an organised defence became the backbone of the game that appeared set for a stalemate.

Uruguay's strongest link appeared to be their weakest as Luis Suarez got and lost the best chances.

Suarez sidenetted a great chance. Elsenawy's knee denied Suarez need for a goal in the 46minute and the Barcelona star's rare moment of indecision inside the edge of the goal line marked him out for backlash. 

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Cavani did better with a rocket from the edge of the 18-yard box which Elsenawy will file inside his cranium as a memorable World Cup save to be retold to his grandchildren.

The Russian goal post was Egyptian on the day as it denied Uruguay a goal celebration.

So in the end a goalkeeper's knee, indecision, a Russian post and a keeper's palm summed up Uruguay's best until a planted cross from a corner kick clicked the head of Jose Gimenez to end a South American siege at the Egyptian half of the pitch.

Not that the Egyptians did not get any chance. They did not know how to string an attack as effective as Salah's adventures with Liverpool.

Hesitation, inertia underlined their inexperience for the African powerhouse. North African teams appear the lose their football prowess once they jump into a plane and cross the Mediterranean sea for global competitions.

Big names in African competitions who play small games at the world stage and this is why this performance would lend credence to those who say African challenge could be simply down to a West African team.

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