Bawah Fuseini

Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) Chief Executive, Bawah Fuseini has revealed ways in which the GH3000,000 provided by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) will be shared among athletes.

The YEA on Tuesday announced they be will spending the said amount on a module to financially support 1000 athletes for the next six months.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the YEA, Justin Kodua, each athlete would receive a monthly stimulus package of GH500 for the six months.

Speaking in an interview, Fuseini hailed the initiative by the YEA, explaining that all athletes will benefit equally. However, athletes who are not on scholarships will be taken care of first before those on scholarships.

“We welcome this initiative. We have a data system which won’t allow anybody to be cheated, there is no way someone who did so well to win a medal will be left out from a list of athletes to be paid. Ours is very clear cut and is based on performances,” he is reported to have told Kumasi-based Wontumi FM.

“Not all are on scholarships, so we intend on helping those without the scholarships before tackling those with the scholarship. It will be generalized because many are working to qualify for the Olympic Games and this will help them train”, he added.