Former WBO super welterweight contender, Patrick Allotey, following an infamous physical assault incident at the Accra Sports Stadium, is serving a 180-day ban by the Ghana Boxing Authority.

He has shown remorse, verbally and is now getting sympathy from key figures in Ghana sports who are advocating for the ban to be mitigated. Key amongst them is President of Ghana’s Sports Writer’s Association (SWAG), Kwabena Yeboah.

The celebrated broadcaster and commentator, who was a guest on the Joy Sports Link on Joy FM immediately added his voice to the calls after the boxer had issued an emotional apology to the GBA, the fans of Accra Hearts of Oak and

“I have been following this story since it broke and I find it an unfortunate mixture of paradox and irony that Patrick went to the stadium to support his brother and friend at Asante Kotoko that God him into trouble.

“He has shown so much remorse and humility as a listen to him. I do not think that we punish to destroy, and I think the GBA by punishing to send the right signals that they will not countenance and tolerate indiscipline on the part of from professional boxers was ok. Patrick is a public figure and Kotoko also carry a lot of the fans base in this country so it was received with a lot of public uproar.

According to the SWAG President, he suspects the public uproar could have been a factor in determining the rather heavy punishment.

“Patrick has not also suggested that what he did was right. Having shown this level of remorse and humility and apologizing to the fans of Kotoko and Hearts I think the GBA should do the needful and respond appropriately since the boxer has articulated his regrets for the action,” he added.

 Michael Oti Adjei – Editor, 3 Sports, Media General

“I believe the process the GBA has gone through is to ensure the boxer and all others desist from any such behavior in future. The boxer has genuinely shown remorse. What he has been through the past weeks alone are enough to teach him a lesson,” Mr Oti Adjei told the show host.

The seasoned Journalist believes the GBA can consider the genuine nature of the apology and the fact that the boxer himself admits he did wrong.

Ataa Eddie Pappoe – WBC International Judge 

“I am not in any way suggesting that what he did was right. It was not right. However, nowhere in boxing rules around the world is it suggested that boxers should not throw their hands. Boxers are human and have the right to defend themselves. In this case, however, there was a video and in it we saw the boxer being provoked there was a scuffle and then the reaction.

“I believe that as a boxer he should have controlled his temperament in the situation. I feel that the six months is rather on the high side. The boxer has never been associated with any such behavior in the past and should be considered based on that,” Ataa Eddie Pappoe added.

Allotey’s current situation

The father of two is currently expecting a third child. The ban also means his professional license has been withheld with notices sent to all the major international sanctioning bodies. For now, he attends regular training at the gym and is hoping the GBA will respond favourably. He also needs to see the end of the case in court on the same matter.