Samuel Osei Kuffour

A former team manager of the Black Stars has revealed how former Bayern Munich defender, Sammy Kuffour led a mutiny in the camp during the 2002 Nations Cup in Mali.

Malik Jabir said the situation was so bad to the extent that the defender exchanged blows with a colleague in camp.

He told Luv Sports that Sammy Kuffour was a “problem’ for the Black Stars team the very moment he arrived in camp.

The former Bayern Munich star, in a recent interview with Joy Sports, denied earlier disclosure by Mr Jabir that he was sacked from the camp for gross insubordination.

In that interview, Kuffour said, “They even said I went to the night club which was not true because there was no night club where we were staying.

“I never regret being bold because I was concerned that some of the players could even catch some serious disease. Black Stars were eating by the roadside, a chop bar and you can ask any player.

“Why did Michael Essien leave the camp and went back? Has anybody asked this question before? The players were not happy with the situation.”

But speaking to Luv Sports, Malik Jabir said he stands by his earlier comment about the defender being sacked from the Black Stars camp because of disciplinary issues.

According to coach Jabir, the former Bayern Munich star did even worse things that management did not make public.

“I was with Ben Koufie, that night and we went round to see if we could get a hotel which was better but it could not accommodate all of us until around 1 a.m.

“We returned to find them still waiting for us. He even exchanged blows with one of the players, I was told,” Mr Jabir said.

“Some of them refused to sleep at the hotel. Who was leading them? I know who led them…these boys remained at the centre of this hotel until midnight and they said they won’t sleep because the hotel was a low- class hotel,” he added.