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Ghana Mini Golf Federation launched

Ghana is scheduled to host the second African Mini golf summit in 2017, with the first African Championships following in 2018 after the launch of the Mini Golf Federation at Marvels Mini Golf.

The Federation has secured six match days between December and February for the Ghana Mini Golf league which is opened to all including the youth.

Group Chairman of the Global Village, Mr. Tala Fattal expressed delight that Golf in Ghana is vibrant and growing and as such the Federation is constructing a state-of-the-art secretariat that will also house a big Club House.

Mr. Fattal said Ghana is blessed to be the first to have a mini golf course amongst renowned golf countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Congo and Ivory Coast.

“I believe we have put suitable structures in place to make mini golf sport more trendy, we will be moving to businesses, homes and schools in our quest to educate people on mini golf, we will build golf courses across the country," the federation President said

Youth and Sports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye, who graced the event lauded Alhaji Talal Fatal for the initiative and pledged his outfit’s support for the sport.

He mentioned that the Federation’s president initiative suits well with his overall vision for sports in Ghana.

He further buttressed the point that the game’s simplicity will make it accessible to schools which will dispel the rumor that the sport is for the rich.

 Ghana Golf Association (GGA) president, Mike Aggrey pledged his outfit’s support for the Federation saying, “I see it as a good preliminary ground for up and coming golfers. We will support you to grow it to the highest level.”


The GMF with a five-member executive comprising:

Talal Fatal as president of GMF and the Secretary General of the Africa mini golf Federation (AMF),

Alain Vignard, Sports Director(AFM),

Fadi Fatal, Media and Marketing(GMF/AMF),

Ralph Kyei, Sports Director(GMF)

Nicolina Naa Botchwey, acting Secretary(GMF/AMF) and a part of the World mini golf Federation(WMF) and the Africa mini golf.