Ahead of a stakeholder forum to be organised by the Board of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), rugby enthusiasts have been urged to submit possible questions that would solicit workable solutions to improve the game in the country.

According to the President of the GRFU, Mr. Herbert Mensah, the questions will help the Board to not only properly prepare for the Forum but it will also help the Board to make sure that all stakeholders’ issues are adequately at the Forum.

“By completing the form and showing your interest and also listing any questions you may need to be addressed you will greatly assist the Rugby Family in Ghana to find a workable solution to escalate the development of Rugby in Ghana,” Mr. Mensah said.

The GRFU Board issued the following as guideline on who may be considered as “Stakeholders” of Ghana Rugby.

Players – After all is said and done Rugby is about boys, girls, men and women who take to the field to play the game of Rugby for enjoyment or to compete.

Administrators – These include all administrators at all levels including the GRFU Board, GRFU Executives, GRFU employees, Development Officers, Regional Association administrators, Club administrators and owners, administrators at school levels.

Technical Teams – These include coaching staff and any person involved in the coaching of Rugby in Ghana.

Officiating Teams – These include all people involved in officiating the Game of Rugby such as referees.

Trainers – Those involved in training whether it involves the training of coaches or referees.

Support Services – These may include doctors and medical staff.

Supporters / Fans – All those who love to watch and follow rugby on national, regional or local levels.

Partners – These include all those who have, are and will support the development of Rugby in Ghana by contributing towards the needs of the development programme in kind or otherwise, including sponsors. With these we include the international Rugby Family.

Volunteers – This includes all those who want to assist the development of Rugby in Ghana on a volunteer basis.

Media – Media including broadcasting partners.

Governmental MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) – These may include the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), National Sports Authority (NSA), Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Department of Education (DET).

IRB (International Rugby Board) – Specifically the Confederation of African Rugby in charge of development of Rugby in Africa.

Other – Any other person with whatever interest in the Game of Rugby in Ghana.

The GRFU is expected to present an overview of the state of Rugby in Ghana, as well as a broad outline of its vision and plans to develop Ghana Rugby from a junior schools level to a senior national level where it can compete internationally in both IRB and International Olympic Committee (IOC) events.

Mr. Herbert Mensah noted: “This overview will be made available prior to the Forum to those who have shown an interest in Ghana Rugby by completing the form on the GRFU website at http://ghanarugby.org/forum/… Interest groups will also be invited to make submissions or presentations at the forum and anybody who wishes to do so is invited to contact the GRFU at info@ghanrugby.org.”

He further stated, “We are fully confident that Ghana Rugby will in future make all Ghanaians proud of its achievements and will provide all stakeholders with the benefits they seek through their involvement. We urge all stakeholders who share this vision to join us in the Ghana Rugby Forum and to take the first step by indicating your interest at http://ghanarugby.org/forum/.”