Asempa FM sports journalist, Enoch Kwesi Worlanyo popularly knowns as ‘Prof Wallace’ has been honoured with an ambassadorial plaque for his unflinching support, service and commitment to sports.

The award was presented to the journalist by Go Ghana LLC, during a live program, SportsNite, in the studios of Asempa FM on November 5.

He was recognised for his contribution towards the Ghana Food Championship powered by Go Ghana LLC, which also earned him a role as a media consultant.

Programs Manager of Go Ghana LLC, Eugene Brown Tagbor, who presented the award said “Wallace has been instrumental so far as the championship is concerned.”

Wallace food champion

World Food Championship is a global championship about food sport in America. Go Ghana is a partnering company in Ghana to host the qualifying stages for the World Food Championship.

The event will be launched in February 2020 and will be held across the country.

The qualifying stages will serve as the preliminary round for the main tournament in the USA next year.

The winners will be chosen in every region after which the grand competition will be held in June 2020.

“Anybody who knows how to prepare food is welcome to the event; whether you are a chef, or someone who cooks at home and anybody who feels he or she has the skill can visit Go Ghana LLC office at Tesano, near the Abeka Total filling station, in Accra,” Tagbor added.