Jacob Armah

Football goes beyond borders and exceeds limits. The English adage of ‘support your local’, meaning football fans should only support teams in their proximity has never had any hold in the footballing community.

The English Premier League has grown to be the most popular league in the world with the clubs especially the big ones, having fan bases in Africa and in particular Ghana.

The power the game has on people is to an extent misjudged, it carries and pulls emotions and people can go the extra mile once they declare their support for a particular club.

The story of Jacob Adams is a clear example. The young man’s love for Chelsea has had an effect on his family and community.

The West London club is some 3.175 miles away from Accra but this distance and the possibility of never visiting their home stadium, Stamford Bridge seems not to cause any sort of flinch in Jacob’s support for the Blues.

He has been successful in swaying his son and wife, who wasn’t into football at first, to become an ardent follower of the Blues.

Support is one thing, passion is another and pretty much, love is different and that is what drove Mrs. Diana Adams honour her husband with a special birthday party, dominated by Chelsea colour and logo.

Obviously, her love for the man who kept referring to her as “my lovely wife” was a main say for such a heartfelt surprise but also, her husband’s love for Chelsea and the colour blue, pushed her thinking caps. “Blue is the colour” she said.

A very beautiful family the Adams are, with Nii, their 12-year-old son who bleeds blue and dreams of playing for Chelsea one day.

It is every woman’s dream to have a joyful peaceful family but this dream of Mrs. Adams is tied to the results of Chelsea games.

A win for Chelsea means, Mrs. Adams and her son will receive anything they ask for but if Chelsea happens to lose a game, it screams bedtime for her and her son just to avoid the desolation built in her husband.

So, one can only imagine how long she and her son slept after Chelsea lost 4-1 to Bayern in the Champions League last season and as if sleeping is not enough, tears are the only feature on young Nii’s face.

That isn’t the only perk of being wife to a Chelsea-crazed family. The Adams’ home, located in Agege, Accra, has been transformed into the Agege Stamford Bridge and this is where the Chelsea fans in Agege converge to watch games.

A very distinct stadium, one with no seat allocation for rival fans – highly intolerable.

Scores of Ghanaians with Chelsea fans not exempted, normally troop to viewing centres to watch their teams play but Jacob by transforming his home into the Stamford Bridge invites Chelsea fans to watch games there instead and he indicates it is the love for the club and the desire to “do something great” as the reason.

Something great Jacob has created indeed, as Chelsea fans dominate in Agege 205 and now they have a special name, The Blue Army. Agege 205 is a Chelsea territory.

It is no secret that most Chelsea fans in Ghana started supporting the club mainly because of Michael Essien’s transfer in 2005, with the club having the largest fan base in the club.

And Jacob is one of the club’s super fan, not only in Ghana but the world.