Plange wins 2017 Tour 1

Plange wins 2017 Tour 1  Emmanuel Nyan spent an hour- 30 minutes to bully Benjamin Palm to win the 2017 National Ranking Tour 1 title.

Plange no. 1 seed played magnificently in a 7-5, 6-0- victory at the Accra Sports Stadium Tennis Court on Friday.  Plange brought an end to Palm's 7-match winning streak as he claimed his second National Ranking Tour title.

Palm had been a strong favorite to finally get his hands on the National Ranking Tour title but he was outplayed by Plange."It was an incredible atmosphere on court and I felt emotion like I never have before," said Plange.   Palm made a strong start but struggled physically in the final.

After the match, Palm said: "Congratulations, Plange, to your team as well. This has been absolutely deserved today. You were the more courageous player in the decisive moment and he deserves his title."   Palm had spent just nine hours on court getting to the final, compared to 18 for Plange, and the Kaneshie based started much the sharper.  

However, a comfortable 5-2 lead by Palm, as Plange began to find his form to level the scores to 5 all. Plange took his serve to lead 6-5 and broke Palm to the first set 7-5.   In the second set, there were early signs of tiredness on Palm player as Plange continued to exert pressure and won 6-0.  

Afterwards, Plange remarked it was his best match for a long time. "On my side it was an excellent match, a lot better than yesterday," said the Plange. "From the start I was very strict with myself. I had to keep my tactics, be patient, and attack him whenever I had the opportunity.