Star Life Assurance Company Limited has joined the numerous clients of L’AINE Services Ltd. in congratulating the Chief Executive, Mrs. Ellen Hagan, upon being awarded the CIMG Marketing Woman of Year – 2011 on Saturday, September 9, this year.

The Managing Director of Star Life Assurance Company Limited, Mr. George Kojo Addison led a delegation which included the General Manager of Operations and Business Development Manager, to congratulate Mrs. Hagan.

The Star Assurance boss assured Mrs. Hagan of his company’s cooperation and support throughout the years ahead.

“We want to show our appreciation and gesture through our business and we hope to take this relationship to another level to promote our products and brands through our mutual clients”, Mr. George Kojo Addison added.

The delegation on behalf of the company presented to Mrs. Hagan a citation, a plague and some company branded gifts.

Receiving the citation, the marketing woman of the year said, “I dedicate this award to my cherished business partners like Star Assurance and a great number of them who have supported me and my company to achieve these successes”.

Meanwhile Mrs Ellen Hagan will be chairing this year’s Annual Strategic Marketing Conference to be held on the 17th to 18th of October, 2012 at the Golden Tulip Hotel at 5:30pm.

The Confab is based on the theme, the Role of Marketing for Sustainable Multi – Party Politics. The conference which is expected to bring together marketers, professionals and administrators is aimed at improving the performances of these professionals in Corporate Ghana.

The Programme is being organized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana.


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