Reggae band, Steel Pulse and Ghana’s music legend, Kojo Antwi are set to perform at a live concert to commemorate the celebration of the landmark anniversaries of two great powerhouses in media and events in Ghana.

The event which takes place on March 7, 2020 is in commemoration of The Multimedia Group’s 25th anniversary and Charterhouse’s 20th.

It comes off at the Grand Arena located inside the Accra International Conference Centre.

steel pulse --

The event, taking place a day after Ghana’s 63rd independence anniversary, is dubbed Independence bash and is expected to bring together matured music lovers across the country and beyond.

One of Britain’s greatest reggae bands, Steel Pulse is a politically minded band which started out playing authentic Roots Reggae with touches of Jazz and Latin music and earned a substantial audience among conscious music loyalists around the world.

CEO of Charterhouse – who are producers of the event – Theresa Ayoade believes there’s a growing need to create quality entertainment for the capital’s more mature audience to unwind and network.

“This is for the grown and funky, an evening outing experience that the older crowd can feel comfortable to attend and enjoy for a change.

Kojo Antwi

“Lately, most events have been designed for young audiences, which many mature people tend to find a bit too boisterous,” she said.

The “Steel Pulse Live in Ghana” Independence bash is designed to have an ‘80s’ party vibe, with a mixed set up of both theatre seating and VIP table setting, giving it an informal yet intimate feel.

Tickets to the event are available in Standard, Premium and VIP and Gold, Deluxe or Super Deluxe tables, which come with a variety of curated hospitality offers, and can be obtained at, XMEN and NALLEM Stores in Malls.

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