Students of Nedewura Jakpa Senior High Technical School have been surcharged the cost of damages caused during rampage during the ongoing West African Senior Schools Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

According to the management of the school, a bill of not less than ¢1,000 will be imposed on each student for repairs of damaged school properties.

The Municipal Chief Executive Officer of West Gonja Municipality, Saeed Muhazu Jibreal told the students that the school’s website will be blocked to make it impossible for students to  access their results until  they foot the bill.

“I was in this particular school until my appointment as the Municipal Chief Executive, it, therefore, saddens me that such a thing has happened here.

“This indiscipline acts of yours has dented and scarred the 2020 Ndewura Jakpa Senior High Technical School year group and it will be with you forever and ever,” he stated.

He added, “You have harmed yourselves than any other grievances you wanted to present. Government has done what it can do to put you in a situation that you have a better future.”

Students of Nedewura Jakpa SHS on Thursday, August 6, protested over the sitting arrangement of 1.5 metres distance in the examination hall.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Director of Education of West Gonja, Ferguson Akey expressed disappointment over the students’ actions.

“Your actions has caused us to be in the news all over the Country, it’s rather unfortunate. I wish it didn’t happen and we have a lot of communication channels if you have any issues we expect you to address such issues to the management.

“But you went on a rampage destroying properties and what you have done is so bad and the whole directorate is not happy about what has happened,” he said.