A Supreme Court judge, Justice Sophia Akuffo, is worried about what she says is the exploitation of the public by some lawyers.

She accused lawyers of misleading unsuspecting members of the public, take their money and pursue cases they are fully aware will not stand in any court of competent jurisdiction.

Justice Akuffo says members of the public who pay lawyers to do their cases for them must hold them to account.

She believes the lawyers fail to tell their clients the truth and also exaggerate the merits of the case when speaking to the media. These situations, according the judge, raise the expectations of their clients only for the lawyers to go to court and lose.

She said these lawyers whom she described as “braggarts”, mess up the cases right from the start and unnecessarily raise the hopes of their clients.

She therefore urged the lawyers to undertake due diligence on their cases before bringing it to court to prevent the wastage of resources.