A ban on drumming and noise would come into force from August 1 to 15, 2010 in the Agona Swedru Municipality in preparation for the Akwambo Festival celebration.

Weddings, engagements, funerals celebrations, and the holding of all-night churches services would not be allowed within the Municipality during the period of the ban, the Swedruman Council of Chief said at the weekend.

The quiet environment is to aid the chiefs and elders of Swedru to perform traditional and customary rites to the ancestors who first settled there in 1650.

Nana Ogyabea Badu Ehuren, Sanaahene of Agona Swedru said this at the inauguration of a six- member Akwambo Planning Committee at Swedru in the Central Region.

The Sanaahene warned churches, groups, individual and others to adhere to the order, adding that, the chiefs are not ready for any confrontation from the inhabitants of the Agona Swedru Municipality.

Nana Badu-Ehuren said the chiefs would collaborate with the Agona West Municipal Assembly and the Akwambo planning committee, to undertake a massive clean up exercise in all suburbs in the Swedru township, especially along the banks of the Akroa River.

Nana Oduro-Kwarteng, Chairman of the Committee assured the chiefs and the people that, the members would work hard to ensure successful festival celebration.

He noted that the Akwambo would be used to raise funds for the construction of an Ultra modern Library complex and an Information Communication and Technology (ICT) centre, to help improve the reading habits of school children in the Municipality.

He said strategic investors and other businesses were welcomed to Swedru, adding that, the chiefs and land owners were prepared to release land for both local and foreign investments.

Nana Oduro-Kwarteng debunked speculations that Agona Swedru was the centre of cyber fraud also known as “Sakawa”.

He stated that the people of the area were law abiding and would not do anything that would dent the image of the business and commercial centre in the Central Region.

The members of the festival planning committee included Nana Oduro-Kwarteng, Gyantuahene of Swedru, Chairman, Abusuapanyin Atta Boateng, Vice Chairman, Kweku Botwe, Managing Director of the Ghana Water Company, Secretary, Mr Kwesi Ayittey Otuntum Assistant Secretary, Nana Ogyabea Badu-Ehuren, Public Relation Officer and Ms Agnes Amissah Treasurer.

Programme line up for the festival includes a state dance, Miss Akwambo beauty pageant, and a non denominational church service to climax the festival.

Source: GNA


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