Several thousands of music fans in the Takoradi metropolis and environs, on Saturday evening defiantly held their grounds against intermittent showers of rain in order to savour a rare menu of music served with undiluted humour and fun and delivered by an exceptional line-up of Nigerian and Ghanaian stars at the Glo Slide & Bounce Concert held at the Jubilee Park


Iconic Nigerian artistes Wande Coal and Naeto C (of ‘Ten-over-ten’ fame), supported by celebrated Ghanaian crowd-pullers, Edem, Paapa Yankson,  Asem  and Irene Logan, belted out irresistible melodies that kept the thousands of revelers and fans rooted at the packed Jubilee Park , preferring to stay wet than to miss any act of the non-stop show on account of the occasional rain showers. They seemed to dare the rains by singing along, dancing and yelling out for more acts from the stars. Eventually, it was the rains that gave up.


Grand Comedian of Nigeria, Gbenga Adeyinka, had long set the tone for a night which Glo officials have described as the most ‘explosive’ of all three Slide n Bounce concerts.  Hours before the musicians stormed the stage in turns,  Adeyinka, tapped into the dexterity of Ghana’s No 1 Disk-Jockey, DJ Black,  to systematically charm the teeming  fans with doses of his trademark wit and pranks. He then went on to engage the crowd with a series of spontaneous dancing and miming competitions that rewarded winners with various gift items.


Reggie Rockstone, celebrated Glo brand ambassador who was the second compere for the show caused quite a stir as he made his first appearance on stage doing a sneak cut of his own hit song ‘Plan Bei?’ The crowd quickly picked up the lyrics and demanded that Rockstone stayed on stage to finish the song; fans nonetheless had no regrets when Rockstone, instead, presented to them his fellow hip-lifer, Edem, who is reported to have been at the top of Takoradi’s list of most wanted stars for some time now.


A cross section of attendees commended Glo Mobile Ghana for organizing the Slide & Bounce Concert in the Western Region and not concentrating on the country’s capital, Accra, alone, promising to reciprocate the gestures with more patronage.


“We haven’t had this level of entertainment – I mean good live music from great stars like these – in a very long time and that should explain why it looks like the whole metropolis has suddenly emptied into the Jubilee Park. Trust me, Bro, we are overjoyed,” said Fred Hammond of Takoradi Polytechnic.


Speaking in an interview, Mr. Akeem Kazeem, the Head of Business at Glo Mobile Ghana thanked Ghanaians for their overwhelming patronage of the Slide & Bounce Concert in the three cities of Kumasi, Accra and Takoradi, adding that “Takoradi’s massive turn out tonight, which is the last leg of the tripod, is a true confirmation of the popular saying in Ghana that the best comes from the West”.


He assured Ghanaians of sustained sterling services, pocket-friendly rates and more activations from the network of stars in the coming months. He also enjoined those yet to pick up a Glo SIM to do so without delay to enjoy unprecedented opportunities to text, browse and call free offered by the recently launched Bounce tariff plan.


The Glo Slide and Bounce Concert widely regarded as the biggest musical jam to hit Ghana this year was organized by Glo Mobile Ghana to say thank you to its subscribers for their loyalty during the past eighteen months that it started operations and it featured over ten world famous artistes including the legendary P Square.


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