Brighton & Hove Albion defender, Tariq Lamptey, has been in Ghana and will stay in the country for the next few days.

Among his plans for returning to Ghana include having time with his family as well as to do a donation, an activity he does every year to selected charities of his choice.

Lamptey spoke to Joy Sports exclusively on Monday night.

Gary Al-Smith: How have you enjoyed Ghana?

Tariq Lamptey: I am already enjoying it so far. It feels good to be back, it’s nice and hot. There is some good food and I am enjoying that.

Gary: What is the plan now that you are back home?

Lamptey: To be honest, I just came back for holiday. Obviously, it’s been a good but long season so I just came to get some rest, some sun – I’ve come to see some family and friends that I have not seen for a while. I’m taking this opportunity just to relax and whine down after a long season.

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Gary: Apart from having some sun and stuff, we understand you are here to do your normal donations, right?

Lamptey: Yeah, I have. Obviously, the charity work I have been doing for a number of years with the support of some very important and trusted people. So I am just here to try and for the first time get hands on it and do it in person. It is something that is really close to my heart and I’m looking forward to meeting the people and hopefully having a good day.

Gary: We understand there is a bit of news that Ghanaians have been waiting for [regarding your international career]. Would you like to tell us yourself?

Lamptey: To be honest, I just had to come just to… The season is finished now. It’s been a long, good season. I just came just to relax, just to try and do some charity work and see how the foundation is doing, see some family and friends, and not think about football too much. Maybe, I know the game is on so if I have the chance to go and watch that will be good but not too much football other than that, just try and relax and do one or two things that I came here to do.

The 21-year-old Brighton & Hove Albion fullback is basking in his team gaining their best ever finish in Premier League history. Many Ghanaians are also hoping the defender will switch to play for the Black Stars this coming World Cup.