Members of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly task force at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle are asking for the assistance of the police in their bid to rid the city of hawking in the night.

The task force has now begun night patrols as hawkers take over footbridges to ply their trade in the night.

Members of the team complained that they are often assaulted by the traders when they try to enforce the law.

The task force observed that the traders normally restrain the movement of people when they line-up on the overpass to do brisk business. They display products ranging from shoes to bags to jewelries and other accessories.

In one instance, a scuffle nearly broke out between a trader and a passer-by who thinks the traders, who have blocked the pathways, have become such nuisance.

Meanwhile, some of the traders told Joy News that the taskforce continuously harass them during the day, so they have decided to sell during the night.

“We only come here in the evening because they will not allow us to sell during daytime…they have been harassing us… we are hungry so we have to make some money.”

But the Head of the AMA taskforce team, Samuel Quaynor confirmed to Joy News his team has started night patrols to check the anomaly. 

He told Joy News the taskforce can only rid the city of hawkers and traders at unauthorized places with the assistance of the police.

Mr Quaynor recounted how he was beaten to pulp recently.

“Look at my swollen arm; they beat me up with sticks recently. I don’t feel safe because the traders say they will attack me. So we are pleading with the police to assist us in our work.”