Teacher bears quadruplets

A 38-year-old teacher from Sunyani, Mrs Eva Bediako has successfully delivered quadruplets at the Del International Hospital and Fertility Centre through a caesarean section.

The babies, two boys and girls, were said to be in good condition and stable after the operation in the early hours of Friday March 22, 2013.

The two boys namely Bentle Agyemang Bediako and Bernard Agyemang Bediako weighed 2.3 kilograms and 1.9 kilograms while the two girls, Perpetual Agyemang Bediako and Precious Agyemang Bediako also weighed 2.1 kilogrammes and 1.7 kilogrammes respectively.

Dr Philip Aning-Kufuor, an Obstetrician Gynaecologist and IVF specialist who conducted the operation with assistance from Dr Thelma Apratwum and three midwives, said the operation was successful.

He said the procedure was conducted within a little over an hour, adding that the first baby was delivered at about 2:55 am, followed by the second at 2:56 am while the third and fourth came at 2:57 am and 2:59 am respectively.

“The babies were safely delivered and there was no problem,” Dr Aning-Kufuor emphasised .

A paediatrician at the hospital, Dr William Obeng added that “the day I saw them, all four were stable and so they did not need incubators”.

Mrs Bediako, the proud mother of the quadruplets said she had for the last 17-years battled with infertility until she was advised by a friend to seek medical help at this facility where she delivered – the Del International Hospital , at East Legon in Accra.

She said she was put on medication since February last year until she conceived. She was admitted to the hospital three months to her delivery time, she added.

Mrs Bediako said she did not experience any complication throughout the period of her pregnancy. “I was expecting twins but the scan showed I had triplets and now I have got a bonus,” the overjoyed mother stated.

An embryologist, Dr Benjamin Minneaux said five fertilised embryos were successfully planted into Mrs Bediako out of which four developed into babies.

Alberta Doe, the elated Chief Executive Officer of the hospital said the facility has had 34 In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) cases of which 17 had been successful since its introduction a year ago.

She however said the safe delivery of the quadruplets was the first and highest in the history of the hospital since its establishment in June 2011.