It was a sad scene at the Police Hospital in Accra when the parents of the three missing Takoradi girls, now declared dead, were taken to the morgue to view the remains of their daughters.

The mother of one of the girls, Priscilla Bentum, wept and cursed the police for failing to bring her daughter home, although they promised to do so.

Joy News’ Ina-Thallia Quansah who was with the families, said Mrs Bentum also lamented police’s inability to prosecute the prime suspect who has been in their custody for months.

The three families were taken to the Police Hospital after a meeting with the Inspector General of Police (IGP), James Oppong-Boanuh, at the police headquarters in Accra.

At the hospital, however, the families rejected the remains that were presented by the police.

Ina-Thallia said this was because, according to the families, the clothes and other personal effects presented by the police as belonging to their daughters did not belong to them.

Second DNA test

One of the reasons the three families met with the IGP was to collect the remains used to conduct DNA tests after the girls were declared dead by the police.

The families want the bones retrieved by the police released to them to enable them to conduct independent DNA tests.

They have refused to accept that their daughters are dead and are certainly an independent investigation will prove them right.

But the IGP said it was impossible to release the remains to the families without a court order.