Google launches Gmail Go for Android

Google launches Gmail Go for Android
Source: The Verge
Date: 16-02-2018 Time: 01:02:08:am

Google has introduced Gmail Go, the newest addition to its line of “Go” apps that are slimmed down versions of their original counterparts, as spotted by TechCrunch.

Meant for phones with basic specifications and lower-end processors, or places with poor connectivity or expensive cellular data prices, the Go apps take up less space on smartphones while still providing basic functionalities.

Gmail Go will still allow you to have support for multiple accounts, automatically filter social and promotional emails while prioritizing emails from friends and family, receive new mail notifications, have access to 15GB free storage, and read and respond both online and offline.

However, other nonessential features may be missing (images won’t load automatically, for example) so that it can use less ROM and RAM.

Gmail Go not only takes up significantly less space on your phone, but uses less data than the standard Gmail app. The Go series in general is part of Google’s push to have their products more available in countries that largely use devices with lower memory and don’t have access to fast internet speeds.

Gmail Go is available now and joins other Google Go apps like YouTube, Files, and Chrome Go.