Veteran actress Irene Opare has disagreed with the assertion of some actors that the influx of Telenovelas is the sole reason for the collapse Ghana movie industry.

In an interview with JoyNews’ MzGee, the actress said the growth of technology and the inability of producers to create more content also played a role in the fall of movies in Ghana.

“Now people pick up their phones and start watching movies unlike before when you need to queue at the cinema halls or queue to buy CDs,” she stated.

Miss Opare said that with the number of TV stations on the rise, it was difficult for producers to keep up in producing content.

She explained that the producers cannot be blamed for less content because movies had and still is become expensive to produce.

The actress stated that “putting money in a movie is no joke. Sometimes you put in the money and it doesn’t come back.”

Miss Opare revealed it was discouraging to many who had lost money to keep producing movies when they could not reap the benefits.

She also added that she cannot blame the TV stations for bringing in foreign content because they had to give their viewers content when the local ones were not coming.

Irene Opare said that she and some industry players are working hard and going back on previous works to see how they can help revive the industry and make it bigger than before.