Gyakie January 23rd, 2020 Photo: Julius Tornyi / @commonjuls 2020

It is very ironic to hear someone tell a love story so well without even being involved in any love relationship.

Most of Gyakie’s best-performing songs, including Forever, are underpinned by love, but the musician says she is not even dating.

According to her, that line of issues is her stronghold as far as her career is concerned.

“Sometimes it is overwhelming for me how I can write love songs although I am not in a relationship yet. Love stories are my strongholds, and it is actually part of my talent. When I am writing love songs, the lyrics flow easily’,” she explained on E Vibes.

The Afrobeats singer, known outside showbiz circles as Jackeline Acheampong, told Becky.

In 2019, Gyakie released her first single titled; “Love is pretty”, which paved the way for another single, “Never like this.”

In August 2020, the “Forever” song from her five-track EP, titled “Seed”, was her claim to fame, enjoying airplay and leading charts in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

Gyakie completed T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School in Kumasi is now an undergraduate student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). She is studying International Business.

E-Vibes is a weekly programme that delves into the background of the country’s celebrated personalities who are doing tremendous work in their chosen field of work cutting across sectors.

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