The heart of the petition

Call it political fanatism or whatever but I refer to it as paranoid suspicion. [Contrary to their real motives], the NPP’s leadership made Ghanaians believe that the frivolous Petition, which was finally rubbished by the Supreme Court, was indeed something substantial to the course of our democracy.

The Petition which was built on straw legs, was bound to crumble but [the NPP] attempted to borrow enough time to save the entire leadership of the [party] from severe embarrassment after their abysmal performance in the December, 2012 polls.

[The Petition] also attempted to taint and corrupt the integrity of the entire Electoral Commission of Ghana and Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan, whose integrity stands unrivaled in all democratic dispensations.

On the line of logic and common sense, one did not need any legal education to have perceived and envisaged the pathetic end of the already hyped Petition based on the shreds of unsubstantiated and fragmentary evidence pushed to the Judges for determination.

Some people argued categorically that the Petition was a lost battle being pursued just for the records; others called it good academic exercise and a test of our democracy. But to some of us the Petition was frivolous, trivial, vexatious, a total waste of time and a slap on the face of economic development.

In my earlier submission, I [aptly] described the Petition as a rehash of December 9th desperation, jaundiced by lack of proper convictions to make a case – and that position has been vindicated per the August 29 ruling.

The rendition of the entire Petition is ascribed to a deliberate conspiracy theory propounded by the NPP just to cause mischief and wreck Mahama’s administration as was confirmed within their circus of making the nation ungovernable immediately they were declared losers of the December polls.

It is indeed hard to believe that at this level of our democracy such a charade could sneak into our political system but we must also admit that desperation is much too powerful to tickle someone to embark on such a reckless journey irrespective of the consequences being so fatal.

My fear was widened upon realizing the extent at which the numerous supporters and the sympathizers of the NPP were deceived for a victory ride.

The deception and the false claims made by the NPP, assuring their followers of victory ahead of the Court’s ruling when the Petitioners were themselves, as a matter of fact, privy to the [imminent] fall of the battle which was eventually taken away from being the Lord’s to the Court’s – quite an extenuating and shambolic situation which was powered by sentimentalism.

The rush to go to Court to subvert the legitimate will of the people by resorting to “political galamsey” tactics failed to win the legal convictions of the Constitution.

The insinuations, the innuendos and the game of suppositions played at Court were substantial enough to render any kind of judicial coup d’état abortive.

The clueless defence put in by the Petitioners and their counsel appeared to have a weakening effect on the Petition. The newly coined and ‘unsellable’ expressions like “you and l were not there”, “further and better particulars”, on “face of the pinksheet”, “it’s not in the analysis” and several others failed willfully to justify their cause and, as a matter of fact, remained just a political rhetoric that presented them no judicial trophy.

To have intellectuals commending the Petitioners for putting a test on our judicial system is quite sickening in the face of the numerous economic setbacks this Petition has brought and the kind uncharitable image the paid Communicators painted about the President and the nation in the diaspora.

The throngs of allegations leveled against both the EC and the President, the casting of sneer and slurs at the President, the verbal abuses and death threats suffered by the judges. Do you remember the popular “julor” (thief = John Mahama ). I’m sure it’s still fresh on your memory.

To the Petitioners they went to Court to seek justice, but the ruling failed considerably to grant their request. Per the ruling, out of the six counts of instances where the Petitioners alleged infractions, irregularities and malpractices, not even one was upheld by the highest Court of the land, yet a new page was flipped: the lambasting spree.

‘Travesty of justice’, ‘farcical and corrupt judgement’, ‘a rape on justice’, these are their words [used to describe] the judgement. The question that springs to mind is, what then is justice?

The incessant chanting of war choruses in the airwaves before and after the Petition were/are enough to pose a threat to peace and tranquility.

The indiscriminate subjection of the judgement to merciless criticisms in the media by political commentators who have dead brains in understanding legal intricacies of the judgement by the Supreme Court is quite problematic – they have been consistently nailing the Justices to the cross of corruption, partisan affiliations and lack of proper clarity and convictions in their judgement. Legitimate critique of the judgement is highly welcomed but not this kind of double-standards [by some political commentators].

The uncontrollable abusive verbal diarrhea taking over the entire media landscape that has subsequently pushed other matters of national relevance into the periphery is a huge indictment on our quest for total democratization.

The sanctity of our judicial system has been raped by ruthless communicators who under the influence of their paymasters tread without veneration.

The Petition had only succeeded in washing [away] the integrity of the Electoral Commission and the Police Service in eyes of their worshipers.

I still advocate that the incessant bastardization of state institutions rendering them polarized for political reasons must be muscled against with punitive measures.

The NPP, which touts itself as an elitist party, had its members at strategic positions in government boycotting all state activities in the last eight months including the inaugural ceremony of the President.

One incident which can never escape serious minds due to the politico-comedy tagged to it, is the invasion of the residence of former President Kufuor by a gang of truants who wanted to have him kidnapped so as deter him from rendering a custodial duty called on him by the state.

So if NPP and its leadership who were behind these needles acts were indeed privy to the full legal implications of article 64 (2) which states that “A declaration by the Supreme Court that the election of the President is not valid shall be without prejudice to anything done by the President before the declaration” then it would only be surprising to have these claimed class of intellectuals behave the way they did. Interesting times I guess.

This scenario only reveals the true motives of the elephants: to use politics as a siphoning machinery to drain the purse of the state. The activities over the last eight months and even before do raise a lot of legitimate questions about the genuine interest of the elephants.

To render their reckless deeds more passionate and as an atonement for the irresponsible conducts of several misguided, adventurous and reckless hooligans from their party who wanted to burn the country because Akufo-Addo was not declared winner of the elections, they anticipated going to court would fold their irresponsible acts in the darks but never because the scar has left an indelible imprint on our minds.

The chasing of journalists into the bushes, the smashing of cars and attacks on innocent Ghanaians with machete at Obra Sport here in Accra and several other places have gone down deeper into the minds of discerning voters and would to have [a reciprocal] effect on subsequent elections.

I must confess, silent minds and hearts have struggled to survive for the last eight months – the fear, the anguish and panic stricken situation which were lowered to our doorsteps by the Petition nearly set off mass hysteria.

No wonder confusion has now rocked the NPP after the Petition, the intelligent ones are never relaxed in their efforts to take over the front seat from the less intelligent for trading the party for their personal agenda.

In my humble submission, l think the intelligent ones must take over and restore sanity to the NPP again.

It is obvious that the quest for political power is turning the current NPP under the leadership of Akufo-Addo and Sir John into a killing field.
The current hit is on the Greater Accra Communications Director, Mike Ampong. According to him, his own party top officials have planned to have him killed.

Is this Kuffour’s NPP? Time will definitely tell, the Bible is my witness.