The Rotary Club of Accra-Labone has presented 50 sets of wheelchairs worth ₵20,000 to the Accra Korlebu Teaching Hospital, Korlebu Polyclinic and the Society of the disabled.

The wheelchairs were distributed amongst the three beneficiaries with KBTH receiving thirty (30) while the Korlebu Polyclinic and the society of the disabled receiving ten (10) each.

This is part of Rotary club’s 2016/17 project-dubbed Wheel for Hope-to donate 100 wheelchairs to support health facilities and institutions across the country.


The project is aimed at raising funds from the benevolent individuals, corporate organizations and partners to purchase the wheel chairs or direct contribution of physical wheelchairs.

Presenting the items, the president of Rotary club Accra-Labone Esquire Lamtiig Apanga noted, “We are fortunate and indeed happy to indicate that the project has been warmly lauded as a step in the right the direction.”

The head of Public Relations of KBTH Mr. Mustapha Salifu who received the wheelchairs on behalf of the hospital said, “We have twenty-one (21) clinical department Units and we will make sure that we share it equally to all the departments, monitor the use give feedback to the donors so that if there is the need for them to come and help us with anything they will do that.”


The regional secretary of the society of the physically disabled Alfred Danquah acknowledged the kind gesture and conceded the wheelchairs “stands as a symbol of independence, a mobility aid as well as a means of transport for the physically challenged.”

The Rotary club of Accra-Labone with support from Cnergy Ghana Limited, Supra Pharma and G2 Medical Laboratory urged the beneficiary institution to take good care of the wheelchairs.  



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