One of the reigning radio personalities in Ghana, Captain Smart, has expressed appreciation to his listeners for their unflinching support ever since he took over as host of ‘Dwaso Nsem’ on Adom FM.

Captain Smart, who has been working with Adom FM for a year now, told BEATWAVES he believes consistency and experience have contributed to the remarkable achievement so far.

He revealed, “It has been a fulfilling but tortuous journey…Many were those who doubted my competence".

"…But thank God for the mercies that He has bestowed on me, and does continue to show me," he said.

Gifted with verbal prowess, the silky, baritone voice of Captain Smart was first heard on Adom FM on July 23, 2013 when he accepted the challenge to host ‘Dwaso Nsem’, one of the most listened-to morning show programmes in the capital.

Many had expected Captain to be jerky innitially, considering the fact that he came to a more competitive market with bigger budgets from advertisers.

Captain Smart has, in the course of his career, developed a rare camaderie and professional rapport with stakeholders and guests who appear on the show, and as an arts and entertainment critic, he owes his sterling performance and meteoric success to his producers.

His passion for the less-privileged and the marginalised in society is legendary, as he has always played an advocacy role for them on radio.

Captain Smart added, “It has not been an easy task for me to have been accepted in Accra's radio and I thank the management and the entire staff of Multimedia Group Limited for their support throughout.”