When writer and director, Kobina Ansah, promised theatre lovers a sterling performance with his first seasonal stage play in GH idea, most of people cast doubts. 

The play treated audience last Valentine to an inexplicable, unadulterated humor. He indeed stayed true to his ‘100% humor, 0% tumor’ tagline.

He returns to thrill his audience once again with the season 1 of the ever humorous This Family Is Not For Sale come Republic Day, July 1, 2015. 

“They enjoyed it and asked for an encore. We are serving it bigger and even better now!” Ansah said.

This Family Is Not For Sale: Season 1 is the first of a serial stage play which tells the tale of a typical Ghanaian family with a skeleton in the cupboards of family members. 

As the “only master of the house”, Mr. Abban, tries to hide his true age, his wife also tries to downplay the fact that she’s old; pretending to be young all the time. Their children, on the other hand, always make the house boil with their silly misdemeanors and demands.

This is a must-watch satire. The venue this time will be at the Christ The King School, opposite Flagstaff House, Cantonments, Accra

“Don’t only fetch your tickets early. Come early, too.”

For all those who missed the debut, this is the opportune time to witness the vintage contemporary comedy from the man who claims his ink is his ‘juju’. 

A ticket goes for GH 20 (for singles) and GH 35 (for couples). First show is 4pm and second show is 7pm.


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