The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is unhappy about the timing of a law that seeks to change the date of general elections from December to November.

Campaign Manager of the Party, Peter Mac Manu, who represented the party at a forum to get inputs from political parties and civil society organisatons, Monday says Ghana could breach protocols of sub-regional body, ECOWAS.

“Ghana is a signatory to the ECOWAS protocol on Elections, Good Governance and Democracy. There is an article in that treaty which says that six months to elections no new laws may be enacted without adequate consent and consultations,” he told a Parliamentary Committee at the forum.

He acknowledges that although the ongoing consultations with political parties and civil society organisations are commendable, the EC must adhere to international best practices and shelve the proposal on the election timetable.

“Electoral management bodies the world over do not want to make laws less than six months to elections,” he said.

The EC initiated the process to change the date for general elections from December 7 to November 7 after criticism from many civil society groups n the country.

The civil society groups believe a November 7 date would enhance a smooth transition from one administration to the next.

Speaking at the forum, Mr Mac Manu also raised concerns about the EC’s absence at the forum. He said the EC should have been present to clarify whether the voter’s register will be ready in 21 days before November 7 as required by law.

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country have raised similar concerns about the Commission's preparedness to hold general elections in November.

The CSOs say modalities for its implementation of the new law has not been properly established by the EC.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has says it will comply with any decision Parliament takes on the proposed change in the country’s elections timeble.

The EC is expected the meet Parliament on Wednesday to provide answers to concerns raised by the elections stakeholders at the forum.