Daily Graphic:

Presidential Business Summit: Govt, private sector dialogue on Ghana Beyond Aid

Narcotic drugs not legalised – NACOC

Owusu Bempah saga: GJA condemns attack on journalists


Business24 (@business24gh)

Private sector pivotal to industrialisation agenda, Akufo-Addo reaffirms

Top five state-owned employers provided 26,642 jobs in 2019

Remittances to Africa projected to decrease in 2021



Economy shows strong growth prospects – Moody’s and S&P affirm credit rating

Work diligently to deepen tourism gains – Dr Awal tasks new GTA board

Govt to also treat exceptional IMF SDR flows as appendix footnote?


Daily Guide:

Owusu Bempah rushed to hospital back in cells

@MBawumia‘s mum buried in Walewale

@NAkufoAddo launches Presidential Business Summit

AG wants GRA to sit up


The Chronicle:

Yentua: Community rebels against payment for power extension

Police foil assassination attempt on chief; suspect arrested, gun seized

GJA grumbles over attack on journalists at Owusu-Bempah’s trial


Ghanaian Times:

Pres launches $6bn aluminium projects to enable exploitation of country’s bauxite

Position tourism to become lead contributor to economy – Dr Awal

Veep’s mother laid to rest in Walewale


The Herald:

Massive properties linked to Chief Justice pop up; his true age also questioned but close sources insist claims “cannot be substantiated”

Guinea’s coup fear grips @NAkufoAddo as he eulogises democracy in Ghana & Africa

@MBawumia‘s mother laid to rest


Republic Press:

@JDMahama to lead do-or-die squad says he will be polling agent in 2024

Menzgold customers strike again; demand whereabouts of NAM1 gold bars

@MBawumia bids mum farewell


The Finder:

Family accuses Yilo Krobo MCE of unlawfully seizing their land

Economy rebounding faster from COVID-19 impact than envisioned – @NAkufoAddo

Disbursement of GHS55m tourism industry fund starts this month – Dr Awal


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