Toshiba Gulf FZ (TGFZ) is proud to announce the “Toshiba Channel Connect Event” in Accra, Ghana as part of its ‘’Go Africa’’ strategy. 

TGFZ along with its distribution partner M/s Mitsumi will be conducting this event on Feb 20th 2018, and are expecting over 75 local channel partners to attend this event

Mitsumi with its deep-rooted infrastructure and experience in Africa region makes our African journey more effective and successful. TGFZ’s tie-up with Mitsumi is more than a decade old, which started with Toshiba Notebook PC business.

 As part of TGFZ’s ‘’Go Africa ‘’channel strategy, we focus on in-country operations to develop respective markets.

TGFZ already conducts regular product roadshows, sales, and technical skills training for our business partners’ staff, focus on channel development and channel health and most important introducing the latest product and technology in line with the global launch.

 TGFZ and Mitsumi have conducted many such roadshows in various countries of African markets.  This time it’s our pleasure to conduct it in Ghana, which is the economic hub of West Africa.


Mr. Santosh Varghese, General Manager Digital Products and Services –MEA region at TGFZ along with delegates from Toshiba Memory Corporation; Mr. Mitsunori Kikuchi and Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka will be present in the market to announce the Toshiba Storage Strategy.

Toshiba is targeting approximately 75 plus local and channel partners for this event. 

Toshiba a 142-year-old company with the DNA of innovation has its Hard Disk Drive business since 1967.  Since then Toshiba has led the industry for over 50 years and succeeded in making its product more compact with higher capacities. 

In the year 2004 Toshiba was awarded the Guinness Book of World records for making the smallest HDD in the world – 0.85” in size.  As the latest innovation, Toshiba has achieved a surface recording density of 2.34Gbit/mm2 per pater.  The company has a market share of 30% within MEA region. 

Toshiba has also pioneered in the NAND business.  It is the 2nd largest NAND producer in the world.  The new semiconductor type “Flash Memory” innovated in 1984 has revolutionized the storage industry.  Major industry leaders in “wearable devices” and “servers” use Toshiba NAND as their storage.

 Approximately 38 African countries from East, West, North & South are managed directly by the TGFZ team.  Unlike other brands who handle Africa through a remote operation, Toshiba’s “Go Africa” strategy is to have an in-country reach. 

As a technology company, Toshiba foresee the 950 million populated African continent, with the high number of smart gadget users along with the 3G/4G and internet penetration will help the brand’s storage business to grow in multifold in the coming years’’ said Santosh Varghese-General Manager Digital Products & Services, MEA region.

Toshiba is also a strong player in the enterprise business solution and as part of promoting this segment, TGFZ and Mitsumi participated in Secur-Expo- Kenya (Jan-2018) to showcase its strength in this segment.

Specialized products like the Surveillance storage drives are part of the TGFZ’s sales strategy for the “Go Africa” to grow as an independent category.    

As part of our CSR we wish to use this event to announce our Africa support activities, we will donate $20K towards promoting Children’s Education in Africa as part of our ‘’Support Knowledge’’ Go Africa Campaign (details of the project will be announced later.