Total Petroleum Ghana PLC on Friday, 20th August 2021 marked the 3rd anniversary of the Troxi Club dubbed ‘Troxi @ 3’a loyalty scheme for commercial drivers since its launch in July 2018.

At the event organised in Kumasi, the Top 3 Troxi Club winners traditionally known as TROXI HENE from the 3 main categories under the Troxi scheme i.e., Trotro, Taxi and Motor were rewarded for accumulating the highest volume in fuel purchases with their Troxi card.

Mr. Kofi Nti from Obuasi immerged Troxi Hene for Trotro category. He received an amount of GH¢300 Troxi card top-up, a 55” Sharp LED TV, a hamper of TotalEnergies lubricants, car care products and a solar lamp along with packages from Star Assurance.

Mr. Moses Gmayidin from Accra who immerged TROXI HENE for Taxi Category took away an amount of GH¢300 Troxi card top-up, a 4-burner gas cooker oven, a hamper of TotalEnergies lubricants, car care products and a solar lamp along with packages from Star Assurance.

Mr. Raymond Ibrahim Agana from Tamale was Troxi Hene for Motor Category. He took home an amount of GH¢300 Troxi card top-up, a table-top fridge, a hamper of Total Energies lubricants, car care products and a solar lamp along with packages from Star Assurance.

Speaking at the event, the Retail Network Manager, Mr. Emmanuel Benning, cited that the solid bond between Total Ghana and its cherished commercial drivers and riders over the years has led to the company’s continuous effort to support them with various initiatives such launching the Troxi Club which provides relief through savings on fuel and lubricant maintenance cost.

He explained further that the three-year journey has seen an annual average of 50,000 members grabbing various rewards and gifts in addition to the instant discount on every purchase made by members. 

Driver Unions whose members are active Troxi Club members have benefitted from the Inter-Union Competition introduced in 2019; some include Asesewa Union Office renovation, canopy construction for Legon Trotro Union, construction of Akosombo Union Office, renovation of the 37-Station Union office amongst several others.

Adding to the above support, the company donated essential COVID-19 protective materials to commercial drivers and riders such as Veronica buckets, Nose masks, hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, tissue towels amongst other items during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana.

To bring value and convenience to the Troxi members as well as the public, Total Ghana partnered with Star Assurance to sell Motor Insurance at the company’s service stations to customers with free fuel upon initial registration of the insurance package.

The Card and E-Business Manager, Ernest Asiaw Yaw Duodu revealed that the testimonial from drivers prove that Troxi Club is the number one loyalty scheme that has the interest of commercial drivers and riders at heart.

He stated that drivers with the Troxi loyalty card can purchase products and pay for all other services at any of the company’s service station across the country with amazing benefits such as an increase in discount from 2 to 4 pesewas per litre on fuel and 5% lubricant discounts on every purchase. Also, Total Ghana offers drivers with up to GH¢6,000.00 free accident insurance cover along with an additional free Gh¢3,150.00 Insurance Cover for COVID-19.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the top 300 drivers receive free fuel each month as an added incentive to do more. Free fuel is also given based on points recorded every quarter to members who meet their set target per each TROXI CLUB category – i. e. Trotro, Taxi and Motor. An additional end of year ‘THANK YOU’ bonus of 2 pesewas per litre is given back to all members for every litre purchased in the year.

About TOTAL Petroleum Ghana PLC

Established in 1951, Total Petroleum Ghana PLC (Total Ghana) is part of the global TotalEnergies Group, which is the fourth largest publicly-traded integrated international Oil and Gas Company in the world with presence in over 130 countries. 

The company’s operations in Ghana have spanned over 65 years and has a wide retail of 258 network service stations across the country with activities spanning the Network, Aviation, Bitumen and Mining businesses.

The company provides expertise on engine performance and reduction in fuel consumption with the use of premium quality fuels guaranteed to ensure a smooth ride, lubricants with a new vision of performance in response to the high demand and technological trends, and car care products.

Total Petroleum Ghana PLC is the first Oil Marketing Company with an electronic card payment system in Ghana. The electronic card, TotalEnergies card, continues to enjoy widespread demand from many major companies, individuals as well as commercial drivers in Ghana for its security, flexibility, and the convenience it affords the user.

Total Petroleum Ghana PLC is the first Oil Marketing Company (OMC) to be ISO 9001:2015 certified in Ghana.  Its high regard for quality, standards, achievements, and safety has propelled it to the forefront of the Ghanaian Petroleum Industry.


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