Tourism Minister, Mohamed Awal together with his Deputy, Mark Okraku Mantey and some members of Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) visited some tourist sites here in the Greater Accra Region as part of activities lined up for boosting and developing the sector.

Mr Awal said “the objective of the government is to develop at least two iconic sites in each of the 16 regions to make the country one of the biggest tourist attraction in the world by end of 2024.”

This is good news for the tourism sector as plans are far advanced for the improvement of interesting sites in the country.

“Our plan is to visit all the 16 regions of Ghana to see tourist attraction, so that where we can develop we develop into acceptable limits and where we have to start new ones, we build it,” he stated.

The Sector Minister on Monday began his tour of three regions from Greater Accra with his first stop being National museum.

He continued to James town where he visited various locations close to the light house including a gyms. From there the team went to the newly reopened Ussher fort.

The next stop was the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. Well if you’ve missed the historical lessons and nostalgic feeling that this environment brings, the minister may well soon give the place facelift that will make your next experience there more exciting.

Well the facelift will not happen at the mausoleum alone but other entertainment and tourist sites across the country.

Meanwhile the sector minister says GHC 55 million is ready for disbursement for various stakeholders within the sector.

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