Transport operators in Kumasi are requesting for a share of revenues from the proposed towing service fees.

The request is among several ones made by stakeholders in the transport industry about the implementation of the compulsory fees set to come into force next month.

Effective July 1, motorists and motorcyclists will pay compulsory annual fees, tied to the acquisition of road worthy certificate, to cater for towing services.

The National Road Safety Commission is introducing the service in order to rid the country’s roads of abandoned broken down vehicles which cause accidents.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority and the Ghana Police Service are collaborating to ensure such disabled vehicles are cleared off the road.

Fees per year for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles, depending on tonnage, range from 20 Ghana cedis to 200 Ghana cedis.

Though stakeholders appreciate the initiative would guarantee improved safety on the roads, there are concerns about fee levels and management of proceeds.

Kwame Kumah, the National Chairman for Ghana Private Road Transport Union wants “authorities to come clear with the modalities and pricing as the project will take off in some few weeks“

Mr. Kumah also wants to know how such revenues will benefit the taxpayers beyond towing of their vehicles.

Meanwhile, commercial drivers say the implementation of the service fees will have implication on their finances.

Yaw Samuel who  plies the Kumasi-Accra route says: “The policy is not sustainable; our communication system is not consistent to roll out this initiative.”

He wants the government to “boost its capacity to render this national towing project service.

"The DVLA is the sole revenue collecting body for this project, so how prepared is the DVLA to collect the fees in less than a month from now?" he asked.

Ashanti Region Manager of the DVLA, Edmund Cheyuo believes the authority is ready to commence the project.



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