Aboakyir festival has gained popularity and draws tourists from all walks of life to Winneba to witness the beautiful cultural heritage of the people of Efutu Traditional area in the Central region.

It brings hundreds of people to the town each year. However, some travelers to Winneba to witness the festival at the Kaneshie first light on Thursday lamented how they had to spend hours in the hot sun at the station just to get means to Winneba.

They appealed authorities of the Metro Mass Transit to increase the number of buses at the station especially during the Aboakyer festivities to help make their traveling easier. 

Aboakyir Festival is celebrated by the Efutus of Winneba, a beautiful coastal town. The festival has for years been a big tourist attraction with a week-long celebration characterized by a live deer-hunting expedition in the Manko forest. 

Unfortunately, Aboakyir has for some years been characterized by violent confrontations among the competing Asafo (hunting) groups. The decade-long disagreement between the Tuafo and Dentsifo groups said to have affected the popularity of the festival.

But the coordinator and a member of the Aboakyir board, Nana Otubua Sinpi II, disclosed to Joy News that the matter has been resolved and that the police are well prepared to protect lives and property during this year’s celebration to help restore the beauty of the festival.

The Chief Executive of the Nyce Media, organizers of the festival, Dr. James Kofi Annan, says they hope to see as many people as possible attending this year’s festival.

The event which started with a clean up exercise and a youth sensitization program will be climaxed with live deer-hunting on Saturday with a gala match.