The Ghana-Turkey Co-operation and Development Association (TUDEC), a global non-profit organization also present in Ghana, delivered its usual Iftar packages in several communities of Accra in mosques and on the streets.

The association every year takes this responsibility upon itself to cover as many people who fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

It started with the breaking of the moon on the 5th of June, thereby commencing the beginning of the fasting period from 6th of June and lasted till the 6th of July. 

This year, TUDEC distributed 10,000 packages of food meant to help in the breaking of the fast.

Approximately, about 200 people received dinner packages every day. Aside the dinner packages, TUDEC gave food packages to 500 families.


The act of giving during the Holy month of Ramadan is an important practice for all Muslims and as such management of TUDEC count themselves fortunate to be in a position to also give.

The distribution was not limited to any particular section of people; as both the young and old got to share in the joy and spirit of Ramadan.


The Ghana-Turkey Cooperation and Development Association (TUDEC) is making significant strides in the fight against poverty, ignorance and disunity in Ghana.

TUDEC was established in 2011 to promote trade activities between Ghana and Turkey and also offer social and humanitarian services in Ghana.

Activities of TUDEC are to fight against ignorance, poverty and disunity based on the philosophy of a Turkish Muslim scholar and author, Fethullah Gullen.



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