Turkish government through its development agency, Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) has refurbished the science laboratory of the Achimota School in Accra.

The project estimated at $30,000 is to boost the teaching of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Agricultural Science in the school.

TIKA also provided equipment such as retort stands, conical flasks, pipettes, galvanometers, microscopes, a metre bridge, voltmeters and hand lens to enable the students have efficient and quality science practical lessons.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony of the science laboratory to school authorities, a representative of TIKA, Mehmet Yazgan said they honoured the request of Achimota School because of the premium they put on science education.

He indicated that TIKA is a development agency with priority in education and health and had technically supported the country over the past few years.

Mr. Yazgan expressed their readiness to collaborate with the school on future projects to improve teaching and learning.

Also, the Greater Accra Regional Director of Education, Mrs Felicia Boakye-Yiadom, commended TIKA for its immense support to improve science education in the school.

She noted that the support would enable students to improve their practical skills through the utilization of the equipment acquired.

Mrs. Boakye-Yiadom added that even though government has been supplying the school with some of its needs, it was imperative that the global community assisted educational institutions.

She charged students and school authorities to maintain the facility well and use it for its intended purpose.

For her part, Headmistress of the school, Mrs Beatrice Adom expressed gratitude to TIKA for the kind gesture.

“The laboratory was in a deplorable state but the school was financially challenged to buy enough equipment to stock the laboratory, hence teaching was done theoretically” she stated.

But the refurbishment by TIKA she said has come at an opportune time since “education in the 21st century had become science-driven, hence the new apparatus will make tuition relevant”.

Mrs. Adom assured the Turkish government of the prudent use of the facility to produce result-oriented science students.


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