The Police in Accra have arrested two men, Samuel Agyei and Sumaila Mahama, on suspicion of their involvement in a robbery incident.

They were arrested at Sunday dawn when they staged a robbery operation at the CPL Estate, around the Redrow Phase 2 towards Lakeside Estate.

A police statement signed and issued by the Director-General of Police Public Affairs, ACP Kwesi Ofori, added that a 75-inch curved television set, an iPhone 12 pro max, one Tecno smartphone and a revolver pistol with four rounds of ammunition were retrieved after searching for the gang.

The team also found a Kia Morning saloon car which the suspects had parked at the roadside to convey the booty.

“The two suspects were arrested following a distress call received by a Police patrol team that some unknown men had invaded a neighbourhood at CPL Estate, East Legon Hills.

“The Police rushed to the scene and, with support from some of the residents, managed to arrest two suspects,” the statement dated December 5, said.

The suspects are currently in the custody of the Police and are being prepared to be put before the court.

In the past three weeks, at least three robbery incidents have been recorded in the area. Some residents have associated the two suspects with the crimes in the area.

The Police has assured the general public of its readiness to combat crimes in all forms to ensure the safety of Ghanaians.

“The Police administration commends the police-public partnership that helped to get the two suspects arrested.”

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