Two soldiers accused of assault

The Police are investigating a case of military brutality meted out to a resident of Roman Ridge here in Accra.

Adwoa Ampomah Mensah says two military construction workers repairing roads in her area, assaulted her yesterday.

She sustained lacerations on her leg and arm and a cut on the left side of her mouth. Her left cheek is also swollen.

Ms Mensah told Joy News she had gone to the site to plead with the soldiers to provide access route to enable residents drive their cars into their homes.

But the officers took offence of her ‘impudence’ and verbally assaulted her for daring to instruct them.

Adwoa Mensah who narrated her ordeal to Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng when he visited the area Friday morning, said they questioned whether she was the only person with a vehicle.

She claimed one of the soldiers attempted to ran her over with a bulldozer but she refused to move from where she was standing believing “nobody in his right senses will do a thing like that.”

But she was wrong as the operator was bent on harming her and when she stood still, frozen in her tracks, another soldier grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the way of the bulldozer and slapped her repeatedly. She said she hit the soldier back.

The airport police in Accra have confirmed the incident to Joy News but say they are yet to investigate the matter.

But the military contractors who were at work when Joy News visited the area, declined comment on the matter.

Source: Joy News/Ghana