The University of Ghana (UG), as part of efforts to support the university’s strategic global engagement goals, has launched a new summer program dubbed “Ghana to the World” under the auspices of the International Programs Office.

The programme is a new summer programme of the University, redesigned and reconceptualised out of the existing bespoke summer programme to add depth, quality and richness to the University’s summer programme.

The program’s main objective is to distinguish itself as the leading summer program in Ghana and Africa by embracing scholarly excellence, innovations, and creativity.

The programme seeks to tell the African Story from the perspective of Ghana, promote cross-cultural emersion through a three in one programme where participants can study, tour and volunteer in Ghana and increase the University of Ghana’s visibility to the international community.

Vice Chancellor of AG, Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, says the University is well-positioned to offer distinctive learning to students.

“With the mission to develop world-class human resources to meet national and global development challenges, the university has colleges to offer unique courses.

“We are, therefore, particularly well-positioned to offer unique learning and cultural experiences to students from all over the world.”

CEO, Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwesi Agyeman, expressed his delight towards the programme.

“Indeed, we are quite delighted with this partnership with the University of Ghana to launch Ghana to the World.

“Ghana is the centre of the world, and so that centrality of location grants us access to so many country’s destinations and markets that we interact with. ”

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