US-based Ghanaian filmmaker Leila Djansi has described as ‘unredeemable arrogant’ the attitude of filmmakers in Ghana. This attitude she believes is the bane of the movie industry.

The award-winning filmmaker is of the opinion that the movie industry is not collapsing as the conversation has been lately. Rather, she believes certain distasteful attitudes are characterising the industry.

She lamented to Hitz FM’s Daniella Adu Asare that, “this talk about ‘the Ghana movie is dead’ that’s been flying about," she said is not true adding "we’re just too arrogant. We don’t respect each other enough." 

"We’re not united. We don’t care, and we have an excuse for everything. We will lie blatantly to cover up our shortcomings,” she stressed.  

Leila Djansi, who is known for movies like ‘Ties that Bind’ and ‘Sinking Sands’ also opined that the movie industry lacks standards and good practices.

According to her, filmmakers ought to execute their craft according to certain international standards in order to project professionalism.

“The industry lacks standards and practices, I say this from experience. When I bring a crew from America to work in Ghana, on all the films that I have made, there is always a problem with the American crew working with the Ghanaian crew. 

"This is because in Ghana, we do not have any standards and practices. We do not adhere to anything at all,” she complained.

She believes as an industry, filmmakers, actors and actresses alike have misplaced priorities.

“What’s current for the Ghanaian filmmaker is ‘I shot on red camera’, what should be current for the filmmaker is standards and practices that are used by the entire world.

"Like film freeway, festivals and attending festivals even if your film is not in it, like attending workshops. When you go to a festival, do not go to the parties, go to the workshops,” she advised.